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Spiritual Warfare -- Important Facts

A. Some Rules of Spiritual Warfare:
1. The moment we become Christians and switch our allegiance from the camp of Satan to the camp of Christ; we become involved in spiritual warfare. From that moment on our daily existence will be a series of battles in which Satan tries to distract, demoralize and defeat us. We will never live in peaceful coexistence with Satan. We simply must learn to fight.
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The Cost of Being a Disciple

Jesus called 12 men to follow him while he was here on earth.  These were known as his disciples.  There was a cost to them to follow Christ, and today there is a cost for those of us who would be his disciples.  What is that cost?

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"Go and Make Disciples"

"We must tell others how to tell others about Christ.  It is not enough to win converts to Christianity.  We must win disciples, who in turn, learn to be disciple-makers."      From: Extreme Devotion - W Publishing Group, The Voice of the Martyrs

Many of you are converts to Christianity but you are not Disciples of Christ.

What is a Disciple of Christ? 

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Paul had a passion!    What was it?

            To know Christ regardless of the cost - Philippians 3:7-11

Paul had a purpose!   What was it?

To fearlessly declare the mystery of the gospel whenever he opened his mouth - Ephesians 6:19-20

Paul had a focus!        What was it?

To forget what was behind and strain toward what was ahead, to press on toward the goal, to win the prize.  What was the prize?  The glory of heaven - Philippians 3:12-14

Do you have a Passion, a Purpose and a Focus?

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What does it mean to follow Christ? 

Scripture clearly gives us answers:  In the example of Christ's disciples, in Jesus' teaching, in the example of the early church, and in the teaching of the apostles. 

Are you prepared to follow Christ?

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What does the Scripture say about Obedience?

John 14:15-24

  • Our love for Jesus will create in us a desire to obey all that He commands.
  • To obey Jesus is to say to Him, "I love you."
  • To disobey Jesus is to say to Him, "I do not love you."

Deuteronomy 30:11-14

  • It is possible to obey all of Jesus' commands.  It is not too difficult.  It is not out of reach.
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Trust in the Lord

As a college student I led a Bible study in the local high school.  At one of these studies I asked the students to define faith.  After several students gave answers that we have heard before, including Hebrews 11:1, one young lady said, "Faith is walking to the end of all the light you have and taking one more step."  It struck me then and continues to strike me as a word picture that hits the nail on the head. 

Faith is reaching the end of all you know, all you see, and all your resources and still taking the next step.  Faith means trusting that when you take the next step there will be solid ground and light to show the way.  One step at a time. 

Not only does this definition hit the nail on the head, it is perfectly illustrated in Scripture.

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I Believe

Everybody believes in something. 

  • Evolutionists believe the world is millions, or billions of years old, and all life came from a single cell. 

  • New Age Philosophy believes there is a god, or many gods, that there is an afterlife, and that the use of astrology can give us understanding about ourselves. 

  • Animism believes in the existence of spiritual beings, gods of wind, water, man, animals, and other natural earthly things.

What does a Christian believe? 

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"And Jesus Gave..."  What has Jesus given?

  • Salvaton
  • Healing
  • Presence
  • Rest
  • Authority and Power
  • Strength
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Commitment:  An obligation, promise or engagement

We spend a lot of time throwing this word "commitment" around.  Just what does that word mean?  Within the context of Christianity, do we really understand what we are talking about, or are we just spouting so much hot air?  To find out, let's look at the five levels of commitment: 

  1. Self
  2. Tasks
  3. Ideas
  4. People
  5. Christ

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