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Written by Mark Dommel   
Friday, 28 November 2008
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Half Night of Prayer
Sample Prayers

Half Night of Prayer Format

This Prayer meeting format was designed for those not accustomed to praying and meditating for extended periods of time.  The corporate nature of the evening can help others become more comfortable with spending extended periods of time in the presence of the Lord. 
The same basic format is followed each hour, with a different prayer emphasis each hour.

  • •·    First 15 minutes - Corporate Worship
  • •·    Second 15 minutes - Corporate prayer for specific topic
  • •·    Last 30 minutes - Individual prayer


6:00        Worship - Who God Is
6:15        Corporate Prayer - Repentance
6:30        Individual Prayer

7:00        Worship - Answers to Prayer
7:15        Corporate Prayer - Family & Friends
7:30        Individual Prayer

8:00        Worship - Prayer Requests
8:15        Corporate Prayer - Youth
8:30        Individual Prayer

9:00        Worship - Communion
9:15        Corporate Prayer - The church
9:30        Individual Prayer

10:00     Worship - God's Power
10:15     Corporate Prayer - Government
10:30     Individual Prayer

11:00     Worship - Warfare Praying
11:15     Corporate Prayer - Mission & Outreach
11:30     Individual Prayer

11:55     Closing Prayer of Worship and Praise

Additional Notes

You may choose to assign different prayer topics to different rooms in the church for the entire evening.  Each room may contain specific helps or worship CDs that would facilitate the prayer in that room.  A white board in each room would list appropriate Scriptures and space to add personal prayer requests (in that focus area) for all to lift in prayer.  Also Bibles should be available in each room.

The Sanctuary would be designated for Worship, assigning other rooms topics from the Corporate Prayer Focus.  Times of Corporate Prayer would be in the designated room.  Individual prayer would be wherever the individual chooses.  If the individual is praying for family, they may choose to go to the Family & Friends Prayer Room.  A spirit of worship and prayer should be maintained throughout the entire church. 

If desired, light refreshments can be provided in a designated area.  These should be designed to be eaten briefly on the spot.  It is not a place to congregate.  Food should be confined to this area only. 

Participants should be encouraged to spend as much time as possible in meditation and prayer.  If they are unsure of what to pray for or how to get started, the posted Scriptures in each room, along with the book of Psalms are a good place to start meditation.  Praying prayers from Scripture and personalizing them can be an uplifting experience.  Many songs also provide thoughts for meditation and prayer. 

Above all else, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in your meditation and prayer.

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